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One language, one platform

One Language, One Platform, a Lifetime of Opportunity

When it comes to building computer programming skills, learning Java will take you way beyond the games of your childhood. Knowing Java will be a clear advantage in your future career.

When you learn Java, you’re learning more than just a language. Because Java is a technology platform with many interconnected capabilities that can give cutting-edge, in-demand job skills. In fact, Java tops Inc.com’s list of the ten most popular programming languages. Java can take you where you want to go.

Our Favorite Java Learning Resources for Students of All Ages and Abilities

Scratch from MIT


Scratch from MIT is ideal for preschoolers and new learners. It’s a simple programming language with a drag-and-drop interface—no programming experience required. Ages 5–15



Greenfoot is a visual 3D educational software tool with a code editor to create games and simulation. Ages 13–15



Alice is a 3D educational software tool with a drag-and-drop interface to create animations. Ages 8–22



BlueJ is a professional Java development tool with a simplified interface for beginners with a little programming experience. Ages 15–25


Oracle sponsors JavaOne4Kids, the premier learning event for young Java developers between the ages of 10 and 18.

Examples of What’s Possible with Java

Learning Java can be a skill for a career, or a skill for fun—or both. Students of all ages have built amazing things, from hobby projects to world-changing initiatives.

Jessiko Robotic Fish

Jessiko Robotic Fish

From France, Jessikommand is a Java-based command and control software that powers Jessiko, the world’s smallest robotic fish. The fish can be programmed to swim in patterns in aquariums, changing colors as they go.

Water Saver

Water Saver

From California, a high school student developed the Water Saver app for a county science fair.

Project JEDI

JEDI Initiative

Project JEDI, the Java Education & Development initiative, is a community-driven organization that provides free courseware and training on Java and open source technologies to colleges and universities around the world.


Java in the Cloud

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